Happy October - Show us your Monster


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My DW kit when I first bought it (8 piece). I still have it, but I've sold the 12" tom.

IMG_0126 - small.JPG


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Loving all these monsters , some really nice set ups ??! I’d post mine but it’s a family oriented forum, and I’m shy ?
For this thread all the kids are worn out from trick or treating and put in bed.
Calling all monsters even Frankensteins!
??? ?‍♂?

paradiddle pete

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Those are sick Pete. I hate you. :ROFLMAO:
Don't hate on me Bro! they are pretty sick though! 24 by 14.. 22 by 14 13 by 9 .. 14 by 10.. 16 by 16 .. 18 by 18.. Birdseye snare 5 by 14 .. side snare 15 by 12.. wood hoops all round.. .. 602's JC signed.. if only I knew what I know now. it's all in the heads.. oh well too late..
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