Gretsch Catalina Club Finish Name?


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I recently picked this up used, and I am trying to determine if it is the "Gloss Crimson Burst" or the "Deep Cherry Burst".

This is a Catalina Club, and the Deep Cherry Burst is no longer available on that line, but it is still available in the Catalina Maple Line.

I'm leaning more towards the Deep Cherry Burst. The pictures I have seen online of the Gloss Crimson Burst make it much more of a true red in the center than mine.

I sent pictures to Gretsch and they replied back "Well, it's hard to say because everyone calibrates their computer monitors differently" So, they were no help.

The first photo is the Gloss Crimson Burst from the Gretsch website. The second photo is the Deep Cherry Burst from the Gretsch website (Catalina Maple). The third photo is my drums.

What say you?





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I've seen the crimson ones in person ( they're quite reddish ).
I'd also vote Cherry burst.
Very nice by the way