Great drummers who should be more known


I recetly got to listen to these two great drummers: Derico Watson and Morgan Agren.

They are amazing drummers however when people are asked to draw their 10 favorite drummers list, they never seem to be mentioned.

What do you think about these two drummers? and are there any other drummers who you think should be more popular?


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Master drummer Johnny Vidacovich from New Orleans should be more well known. Phil Ehart from the band Kansas should also get more credit than he does. Then there is some guy named Vinnie Colaiuta who seems promising. Peace and goodwill.

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Iove Morgan Agren! Last I heard they're making a doco on him.

A few more:

Dave DiCenso
Lucius Borich
David Jones


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I see Max as a latter day Ringo. Nothing flashy, just a good solid beat for years with Bruce. Perfect posture just sitting there doing his job, The perfect pro. Great pick.


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I seriously could not give a response to this without going into 20 pages....I've met and listened to so many guys that should be more recognized but sadly will never get anything but a paycheck.


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JP Gaster of Clutch.

Clutch as a band, really. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea, but man are they talented and versatile.


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Dave DiCenso and Derico Watson for sure. They're both friends and they both don't really care about being more well known. That's gotta` be part of the reason they're both so good.


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Frank Butler comes to mind. He played and recorded with jazz pianist Elmo Hope, bassist
Curtis Counce, trumpeter Jack Sheldon and others in 1950's LA. Frank could seamlessly
go between fingers, brushes, sticks and was a master of taste.


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Past: Always thought that Bruce Gary from the Knack should have received more praise.

Present: Glen Power of the Script-Awesome drummer.