Gibralter 8600 vs DW 6000

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Hey Drummerworld Forum,

This is my first post on this forum so I'm not sure if this exact topic is floating around...
but anyway, I picked up a Gretsch Catalina Club kit a little while back for gigging out and want some modern hardware to compliment it. My first kit is a set of 1965 Slingerlands and I'm used to playing on vintage hardware with that. Saw these two different series of modern hardware that might be similar (to my vintage gear), but better for use with my modern set-up.

I'm also concerned about durability as I'm not really too up-to date on modern gear!

No stores near me regularly stock this stuff so I sadly can't really test anything out myself. If anyone could share any info they have about these two series it would be much appreciated!


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I like the look (vintage) of the Gibraltar over the DW. If you're still gigging vintage Slingerland stuff, you sir, know how to treat your hardware well. You'll have no problems with either the Gibraltar or DW. I use single braced Yamaha 600 and 700 series stands myself. Sold off almost all my double braced stands. Didn't need the extra weight any more. And the 600 series reminds me of the old Luddie Atlas stuff. The 700, Hercules, of course. Yeah, the Gibraltar would be my pick, just on looks. Both will serve you and the Gretsch kit well. And, by the way, welcome to Drummerworld. P.S.............ya gadda post pics of the Slingerlands.


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Welcome to the forum!

Both the DW and Gibraltar flat base stuff is really nice (I have some of both brands).

The Gibraltar has a slightly wider leg span than the DW.
The Brake Tilter on the Gibraltar is great.

The felts are nice and hold the cymbal well, but let it move.
The threaded post is long enough where you can get the wing nut on and off very easily, but it won't fly off.

The DW is a great stand too, and has memory locks--which may or may not be important.
The DW tilter/cymbal adjustment thing has always been great.

Both stands go up high enough for most people, and they both can handle a 24" ride with no problem.
Both are able to have multiple stands next to each other (without the legs getting in the way of one another) pretty closely.

Both work great are well made, and will last years, so it's really a matter of what you want the look of the stands to be, because you aren't going to go wrong with either one IMO.

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Thanks for the responses!

So I’m pretty much set on picking up the Gibraltar snare stand and straight cymbal stands. The Gibraltar gear looks to be much less expensive than DW across the board.
The one thing I’m kinda hung up on is the hi-hat stand. I like the looks and foot pedal of the DW hat stand more, but the Gibraltar one is about fifty bucks cheaper… hmmm.

My next question, which I suppose I should post as a separate thread, is with respect to modern strap-driven pedals. I know Tama, DW and Gibraltar all make one, but which would be most similar (in feel) to a 60’s Slingerland “Tempo King” kick pedal? I’ve played double chain-drive Iron Cobra pedals which I’ve actually liked a lot, but I love that feel of the leather strap… taken out of contex, that’d be an awkward statement! hahaha.

If ya can’t already tell, I’m basically attempting an all modern version of my vintage set-up!

p.s. Here's a shot of the Slingerlands "in action." Sorry it's not too great but it's the best pic I have of the full kit right now. I'll definitely take a couple pics of the full kit set up sometime and post them!



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Cool kit. Looks like a fun show.

The Gibraltar stuff is a bit less expensive than the DW.

The only problem with the flat base DW hat stand is the linkage (foot board to pull rod) seems kinda cheap-o compared to the other stuff IMO.

The Gibraltar one isn't that much better though--just the nature of that stuff it seems.

But if these companies are going to the trouble of creating all this stuff, you'd think they'd not skimp on an important part of the stand....

I have the light weight 5500TL, and it's linkage isn't as nice as the regular heavy 5000 either, but it is better than the flat stands.
It's light weight, but not that vintage look.

The Gibraltar FB snare stand is sturdy and nice. The only thing I don't really like is the black plastic adjustment thing for the basket.

Kinda sluggish, but it isn't going to break on you and you aren't screwing it up or down a ton anyway once the snare is set.

I Love strap drive pedals.

Don't know about that Slingerland pedal, but DW's 7000, with a switched out chain cam to a strap cam would be a great feeling pedal.

I have an older 5000 (with the footboard shape/size and rounded, lower heel plate that is now on the 7000) strap and it's adjustable from a smooth, ultra light feel, to a heavy, "feel it under your foot" but still smooth feel.

The latest version of DW's Strap pedal feels bulky and sluggish compared to the old one to me.

If you were willing to do it, a 7000 with a strap drive cam part put on would be a great pedal.
It would take about 5-10 minutes to actually change the parts out (it's pretty easy to do as well), and you'd only have to buy the strap cam and the strap.
I've had that pedal for about 10 years and only changed the strap once--because I felt like I should, not because I had too. I still have the other strap too, and it's perfectly fine.

If you like that IC pedal or can find something else great (Pearl Eliminator is a fantastic pedal too), but I'm the type that's willing to make something the way I want it, and don't mind getting some parts and switching things around.

Good luck!


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I did some more checking out on the hat pedals and the DW is a nice one, but if you play with any force, it's wobbly.

I think that eventually, the rocking back and forth IS going to weaken the rivets that attach the (aluminum) legs to the chromed supports and the base.

If you get this one, I'd say to pay attention to the stand, check it once in a while and make sure the rivets don't need to be pressed back in a bit.

I only was able to look at the Gibraltar in pics, so I don't know what it feels like, but all the Gibraltar gear I have is very well made.

I can't tell if the Gibraltars legs are shorter than the DW, but I can't imagine they are, since the cymbal stand legs are longer.

The DW stand costs a lot more (List price is $233.99 a interstate music catalog price of $139.99) than the Gibraltar (List price is $145, same catalog price of $77.88).

The Gibraltars foot board looked a little funny to me at first, but my Liquid drive hat stand came with it, and it's as comfortable as any other foot board.

Since you decided on the Gibraltar cymbal stands, I'd go with the Gibraltar hat stand to keep everything the same, unless you felt more comfortable with a DW hat stand (and didn't care about the $63 difference).

The DW cymbal stands/snare stand run about $30 more than Gibraltars, but they do have memory locks at all the height adjustments, and the cymbal space thing.

If you went with the DW stuff, it would cost around $150 bucks more for 2 cymbal stands the hat stand & snare stand (from what you have in the pics).

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Thanks for the info! I appreciate it, but... I've actually already ordered the stuff (last Saturday)! I ended up going with the Gibraltar straight cymbal stands and snare stand, and the DW hi hat stand afterall. I liked the pedal board on the DW better, as well as the looks. Hoping it will hold up well!

I'd still like to pick up a modern kick pedal... but I really want to get to the store to see how different ones feel. I'm really thinking Iron Cobra right now. I have played a couple I really liked, and think it has great features for the price. The singer/lead guitar player of my group has an old DW USA made 5000 (single chain) which is great... so I might try to pick up a used one of those. Oh gear!


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Cool, getting new stuff is always fun.

I was at the shop yesterday and they had a DW 7000 series single braced hat stand that was around the same price as the flat base stand.

If the flat DW hat isn't what you thought, the 7000 looks more like the single braced stands of that time (when they got "better") with the way the legs come off the post.

It feels real solid and nice--very direct, and it was pretty light weight too.
It wouldn't look out of place with the flat based stuff either.

You should be pretty happy with the Gibraltar stands you ordered.
The Brake Tilter is very nice, and cymbals feel really good on it I think.

Have fun with your new stuff!


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I love my 8600 cymbal stand. I use the hardware that came with my Mapex Pro M (tough stuff, but heavy) for my Gretsch kit also, but I need another cymbal stand and liked the idea of a lightweight, more portable stand. The 8600s certainly do it. If I had to buy more hardware I would get some more of these. They fold up smaller as well.