Getting a mentrone: Boss DB-30 or Korg MA-30?


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I want to get a metronome to practice with my acoustic kit while using my isolation head phones.

I'm tossing up between the Boss DB-30 and Korg MA-30. I'm leaning towards the Korg MA-30 because it's meant to be pretty good and is cheap. The Boss is also quite cheap too though.

Which one would you guys recommend?



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I have the korg. Works great. It's smaller than I thought it would be....about the size of my wallet (thin).

Pros: Adjusts to about every beat you can think of. The least exspensive of most digital metronomes on the front market. Had the most "good" recommendations I could find.

Cons: Headphone jack is mono (left only) and the volume control doesn't apply for the headphones...just for it's own speaker. Pretty much, the only setting for headphone volume is DAMN LOUD. I plugged in with my UE in-ears and learned the hard way how to get "pinged by the click". There is a micro-fine spot on the volume control where it's in-between "loud" and "off", but it is not really convienient to bugger with it. It is easier to just jump a 1/4" jack to an extension and plug it into the PA in our practice room and send the click through the speakers.

Overall, I like it. I think it's worth what I spent.