Gear for a Ludwig Breakbeats Kit

Right when the pandemic hit, I got a Ludwig Breakbeats kit and was concerned about finding pedals and a boom arm that worked.
For the benefit of anyone else in this boat, this is what I ended up going with:

The DW2000 kick pedal works great with the kick drum riser adapter. The Gibraltar SC-3325B-1 boom arm doesn't goes down as much as I would like, but does the job.


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Nice setup! You should consider breaking out the hacksaw for that cymbal arm. Cymbal placement is more important than keeping a $40 cymbal arm in mint condition. :)

Also, you mentioned in the blog that some pedals don't work with the riser...and that is true. The chain drive hits the rim with some pedals. One pedal that works beautifully is the Tama Speed Cobra 310. The chain drive is recessed enough that there's plenty of room even when the pedal is pushed all the way in.


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Has anyone tried an Iron Cobra 900 on the Breakbeats...I see some at good prices on ebay and am considering it?