Gauger RIMS


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Sorry if this a newB question, but I have a situation.

I have a Mapex Pro M set, and I have a DW 9000 series tom stand, but the drum will not fit on the L arm on the stand.

Can Someone explain the Gauger RIMS, and where to order it?


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You are asking about 2 different things. The L arm on the DW stands is 12.7 mm dia. This is the size that DW and Gretsch use. The rest of the world uses 10.5 mm. You can buy the L arms at the Guitar Center or get a larger tom mount to fit the 12.7 L arm.

The RIMS mount allows the shell to vibrate freely when struck providing more sustain.
I'm a Mapex owner, and what you should really be looking for is called a "Hex L-Rod." This is the standard for all Mapex kits.