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Gary Husband

New! Video interview introducing the upcoming Gary Husband Drum Videocasts posted here, and performance of the track “Sulley”! So excited to see what people will make of the videos!

Newsletter and news of the course:

(Video produced and edited by Troo Heath-Crew)



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Hi Gary,
We spoke briefly after one of your gigs several years ago.. you were touring with John Mclaughlin - Mahavishnu Orchestra. That was a killer show!
I must confess, I was more familiar with your stellar Level 42 work on the drums.. and had no idea you were a virtuoso on the keys.. and then at one point in the show (after going toe-to-toe with John Mclaughlin on keys), you pulled out this tiny little pocket kit and just played the beejeezuus out of it while jamming with the other drummer (whose name escapes me). But yeah - the title above 'One of the most dynamic and musical drummers of our time' is bang on!
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Gary Husband

Dear all at Drummerworld!

First new Gary Husband Drum Videocast of 2020!!

All things the Allan Holdsworth track “Leave Em On”!

* Download the drumless mix, get the chart & play it with Allan, Jimmy Johnson and Jan Hammer!

* The original unaired until now original guitar solo of Allan’s on the recorded track “Leave Em On” featured as a bonus!

* Bonus live footage of the Allan Holdsworth Group in Japan!

You can get it here!



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For those interested in Gary, I'm sure that you'll want to check out the new album SPHERE released today.

Here are a few links:

Documentary on the making of SPHERE

Still Invictus (drum solo)



Right on Time (drum solo)

You can get the album on CD, download & stream. There is also a limited edition with 3 bonus tracks available at the following link:
thanks for sharing!