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Hey guys,

Put this in the Off topic as it isn't exactly about drumming but more about the forum itself. The titles people get such as 'Junior Member'. How does these progress or how do you progress through them. Is it how long you've been active on the forum? posts replied? Etc.

I'm just curious and realise this doesn't really matter to answers people give.



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🧟‍♂️🧵 Zombie thread alert! :) I was wondering this lately and found this thread via searching, but the link posted in #2 appears to be broken. I get:

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The requested URL /xf/index.php was not found on this server.


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I'm guessing that was on the old format and didn't get transferred to the new format. I think the titles are related to post count, but I could be wrong.


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Titles are basically based on your number of posts. There are a few other titles, that members thought made reference to their effect or affect on the forum. Mine is one. The Mayor was suggested by someone on the forum. Uncle Larry got his nickname because of his concern over we nephews and nieces. He is always there. There are others, that have requested a particular title, but very few. These people have paid $1000.00 each to the Homeless Drummers Shelters.