Formula for how many snare drums you need


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I have two. I only play one. Think I'm good. n+0


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I have one - I've only ever owned one - for the musical situations I find myself in I don't have any need for a second one.


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Depending on the music, I can't see needing more than 2 for any one song, so maybe three


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I have 8 and use them all. Any one of them could be the only snare I’d ever need. Each one can do it all. But....I just....NEED....more. Just ONE more. Always just ONE more.


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I have 3 and will be offloading 1. My Gretsch Bronze has more overtones and a bottom end thump and my Gretsch Cast Aluminum has less overtones and a nice pop. Both are 6.5x14. I can pretty much cover anything between the two. The third doesn't seem to have a personality of its own, so it's going. I'd have to find something way different than the other two to justify another purchase.


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I just have to ask. So do you use the same 5 or switch out 5 of them to play periodically??

I pretty much use the same five snares 99% of the time. All Ludwig: early '60s 6.5x14 COB, 1980 6.5x14 Supra, 6.5x14 Copperphonic, 8x14 Black Beauty, and on tour a 6.5x14 Black Beauty.



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Wow most are n (mine is n=3-only one is nice) but Bermuda is like n! factorial. Yeah get ten more n5 man. Then using "5" would fit just perfectly. It's like the Golden ratio LOL


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I have two. One is wood and one is metal. Depending on the type of recording session you are doing as some prefer one particular sound over another. I tune both tight but the wood is a bit warmer and the metal snare drum has more pop to it.


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I have three snare drums.
They all get used. 2 signia maple : a deep 14x7” with die cast, for outdoor show or large venue, another 14x5,5 with triple flange, for medium or indoor venue.
i also have a Tama SLP maple 14x5,5 which looks like a duplication, I had it before the others. I use it for rehearsal for it is much lighter in weight and sound.
i have recently sold my metal snare, I loved it but it didn’t get enough (hardly any) use.
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