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How do you know how many followers you have?
Go to your profile page by clicking your avatar. Under the "About" tab, at the bottom you will find your answer.
The REAL question is- who has the most followers? (It's a competition after all) 😛

*Spoiler alert: The answer will shock absolutely no-one*
How do you know how many followers you have?

It's not a number it's a row of followers avatars
it's under the "About" in your profile
You have 8 Drumdame

Now how many you really have well that's a secret ; )
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I have only followed one person on here. Just wanted to know what was involved in that, and cuz I don't do any other social media, I was curious.
Seems like a really cool chap, ALTHOUGH...he really does like to show that Blue Pearl Set...A LOT!...
Always wanted to get down under...looks beautiful there. Probably never will,, so CRIKEY!
(Did I say that right?)

As long as you pronounce your R's as Ah's and slur all your words so you can't understand a single thing you are saying, you'll be just fine.

Say Cah not car.

Hey Felonious.....isn't Wisconsin where cheese comes from over there?

I heard it's some of the best in the world.

It is really beautiful yes.

We are woefully underpopulated in the West.....we don't have enough tax payers and I'm sure our birthrate is actually negative.

So move over here pronto.

Plus more drummers here = more drum shops.

Don't dilly-dally....... I'll pick you up from the airport.