Finally added weight training to my routine


Been having low energy before practice/life so I went to the gym today and blasted heavy weight bent-over rows. Tomorrow is a push workout. I need the exra energy weight training gives for drum practice.

Years ago when I had a punching bag I got myself into insane shape and everything felt easier, even drumming. I didn't have the technical skill with drums I have now, but the sheer amount of energy I had made playing so much fun. The weights are to supplement drum practice, not to become a bodybuilder (again).


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I don't like lifting weights...their to heavy. I do need to get in better condition. I'm going strictly machine. No free weights unless it's some preacher curls. I need cardio....BAD.


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Keep it up guys! I'll be at my local Y at 8:30 EST this morning. Tomorrow I'll be running the trail again at 8:30 with my training partner. Getting ready for a Spartan Race in November (my fist obstacle course and probably my death). Keep going J and B (and others)!


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I weight train about 5 times a week and it does absolutely nothing for my drumming. Good for releasing endorphins and looking good in fitted shirts.

If anything cardio helps but drumming is cardio in itself


I remember having tons of energy when in the habit of going to the gym regularly. I might be wrong, though.


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I now go to the gym every other day (I'm 63, fighting prostate cancer and the side effects of Hormone treatments and radiation).
Mainly fighting fatigue and muscle loss. Otherwise, I feel good.
But I AM NOT a gym person. But life changes will change your life... duh.
So hired a trainer and we work through the machines for Legs and Arms, Chest and Core. Some Free weights.
It does help tremendously with the fatigue. I'm happy so far.
Hey, it's all a matter of getting into habit, I'm finding out.
Mix is up.
But yea, not sure it does anything for my drum playing. Can't hurt.


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I hear this post!

I used to be in incredible shape when I was a flooring installer and everything was easier. Then I got a desk job and about 60lbs.

When I was weight lifting everything was easier but I was also so damn sore all the time.

Then I had a kid and now I'm like 220lb. Heaviest I've ever been but my problem is I like to drink IPAs at night when I get home from work and gym time doesn't fit a schedule with a 2.5 year old and a SAHM. I'm also incredibly lazy lately.

Someday though.