Favorite/Least Favorite Finishes


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This probably has been asked and answered here many (Keith) moons ago... but my daily perusal of craigslist reveals a consistent stream of rather dismal, depressing cheap drum kits in the uninspiring "black" or "red wine" finishes. Those are my least favorite two, obviously.

My favorite is the elusive "pink ripple". I would love me some Rogers like this in my collection... You?


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For me, I hate to love a plain white finish......simple as that.

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Out of the six kits I've owned in life, every one of them has been a natural finish of some sort..............the most recent of which is here :


Ludwig Epic in Natural Birch with Smoky Chrome hardware.

I do like to see great wraps and other finishes, I've just always preferred naturals.


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Black stain on the edges, exotic wood in the middle. No chrome anywhere, black or brass or powder coated on the hardware.

I'm not really into any wraps, or anything that covers the wood. I very much dislike any single solid colour wrap, especially black, a solid black wrap with chrome hardware is like a big $100 (for the whole kit) price tag left on the drum (to me).


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I know it's a bit of heresy to say, but I'm not a fan of glitter/sparkle wraps.

With my least favorite being the champagne sparkle found on so many vintage kits.


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I like some of the very well-done fades, and I love stains that let the grain show through. I'm coveting the rereleased Antique Sunburst on the Recording Customs, which match my Jazz Bass so well. Green is also my favorite color, and it galls me that Yamaha took most of their green finishes out of their lines over the last couple of years. Mapex does a very nice job doing their black-to-green fades, they just look like deep water.

I'm very very tired of solid colors, especially black and white; I'm also not too keen on solid-color wraps. My least favorite has to be that dusty brick-colored wrap that seems to be so popular on Taiwanese super-beginner kits.

I'm also not sure what the allure of brightly colored lugs and rims is, other than the immediate attention factor.


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Strange thread... ;-)

Yup, I'm with DrumEatDrum - I don't need anything glitter/sparkle also. And no wraps.

I prefer transparent finishes and strong graining (on guitars also) - but not evenly structured/parallel or too perfect but more on the wild & vivid end. Natual finish is a great alternative depending on the wood (same with guitars).

While I love black for clothing I wouldn't want my drums to be black (neither pink).

When it comes to bursts I love bursts which have a smooth transition area between the hues/colours.


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I like natural, bursts, and fades w/ chrome or pewter hardware.

Indifferent to darker solid colors (black, blue, dark green, etc). Dislike lighter and brighter colors.

Very much dislike black, gold, and colored hardware.

This is pretty much the opposite of my tastes when I was a kid and played guitar; my les paul is white (errr.... nicotene/sweat colored now, but it started white) with gold hardware (probably due to my randy rhoads obsession at the time).

Anon La Ply

I know it's a bit of heresy to say, but I'm not a fan of glitter/sparkle wraps.

My first kit's wrap was a bit like this, except it was a warmer brown. Not to my taste. I like the sense of history but I never liked the look.

When I got back to playing I was hell bent on a hot pink wrap. Alas, the closest I got was the red wine RT. Hmm, the RT in hot pink - it would just about complete the image :)

My old Roger had a beautiful sky blue wrap, like this (ignore the artefacts in the low res photo - the wrap has no pattern).



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I recall once seeing a DW kit with a satin ox blood red finish. My eyes felt as if they were made of the finest cashmere in all the land.

As far as finishes I can stand, I'm not big on the white or off white sparkle or glitter finish. Come to think of it, I'm not a fan of the glitter metallic finishes at all. And I really can't stand tribal or graphic images of any kind or color; kind of like the graphics you see on affliction shirts.


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Anything that fades,or has stripes,or is too much of a color extreme ....you can keep.I'm also not a big fan of silver or gold sparkle,but I have owned kits in red and blue sparkle.I think one of the nicest looking kits I have ever seen was Yamaha recording custom with long lugs in piano black lacquer....pure class.

Steve B


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I like a honey-colored natural finish. In general I'm not fond of pearl finishes, which is too bad because my main set right now is white pearl-- I'd just rather spend my money on cymbals than on getting the things recovered. The 70's butcher block or "wood grain" wraps were downright hideous, as are transparent drums.


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Sparkle and "glass glitter" finishes
White and ivory of all varieties
Natural stains and lacquers
Solid black or charcoal stains

Least fav:
Fades and bursts
Anything orange, yellow, or gold
Most blue finishes
Anything but chrome hardware


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I've never really liked:
Very dark finishes
Fades or bursts (which are a subset of the above)
Boring earth tones (this includes natural finishes)

I like wood, just hit it with a little color. If anything this helps highlight the grain. Sparkles/glitters have some nice pop as well. Anything with some texture is nice as well. Why get something that's just boring?


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I used to dislike sparkle finishes, but recently I’ve come around and now I think they look great. A nice white/silver/pearly sparkle looks fantastic under any colour of lights. Plus I just like the idea of using broken glass for its aesthetic value.


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Favorite: natural wood
Do Not Like: chapagne sparkle

I like just about any drum. Peace and goodwill.