Extra Thin trashy crash cymbals - ideas please!


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Hi - I'm after your ideas for crash cymbals for very quiet playing (home playing and behind unmiked acoustic instruments) so I want something that opens up really easily. I like the sound of the Meinl Extra Dry crashes - trashy and dull rather than trashy and bright - but I'm having to play at a level that turn them into lovely light rides rather than crashes. I am not wedded to any brand. If it helps, it's to compliment my 'ride' cymbal which is an Istanbul Agop 18" Signature crash (with just a little foam ring under the bell to mute the wash a touch) and some Meinl 14" Thin Jazz hats that I use the opposite way round so the unlathed bottom hat is on the top. THANKS!

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If money isn’t a deciding factor then either Istanbul agop signature in a larger size 18, 19, 20. Or zildjian special dry crash (2nd generation) in 19”. All of the above are trashy, dry and can work as rides.


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Maybe this isn't what you looking for and maybe I'm misinterpreting your question, but have you thought about Zildjian L80 cymbals? Or the Sabian Quiet Tone cymbals. Those are ideal for quiet playing (I've converted mine to electric ones with pickups, so all the tone is gone but the feel is way better than rubber/plastic ones). Great fell and tone if you know they're designed to have a reduced volume and doesn't sound like a great cymbal. It's all for practicing, but for that they're great.


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Thanks folks. Thos low-volume cymbals is an interesting idea. I can control my volume well enough through technique soI'm after a crash that responds to a very light touch while still sounding like a crash. I'm currently using the Agop Signature and that has enough weight to ride on, so it's really something thinner than that that I think would do the job. I'm looking at some paper-thin crashes - Meinl & Istanbul - but wondered if there were things out there other people had had success with?


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Are trash crashes out of the question? I´ve had sucess with Paiste PSTX Swiss Thin Crashes and am currently using a 18' Istanbul Agop Xist Ion. Very responsive and a lovely, warm, full sound even at low volumes.


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Zildjian Crash of Doom I'd say. I had one and sold it as it didn't suit what I was looking for. Very dark, thin, dry, trashy. I didn't think it was hugely loud but did have great ride attriubutes if you're into that sort of thing. Sounds like it would fit in nicely with your other cymbals.


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Ha, yes Crash of Doom is a good idea! I have a 20" - it works well as a trashy light ride, has a nice low volume crash and actually has a good bell too.
The Meinl Extra Dry Crashes are beautiful.
Also worth considering: Zildjian K Cluster Crash. Very thin like the K Sweet Crash but has a slightly trashier crash sound.
Both K Sweet and Cluster crashes open up very easily. I use the 20 K Sweet Crash as a very light ride for low volume stuff.


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I think that they are often overlooked. They have a lot of the same character of a China cymbal, although not quite as trashy, and not nearly as loud.
Ditto- I've used my 18 HHX Ozone for the last 5 years as a 2nd crash- not too trashy but a nice mellow bite on the crash, which opens quite easily.


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I have paper thin 16 and 18 A's. They're great. Quick to be heard and to die out, but they don't sound trashy.