Export vs Rockstar


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Honestly, I come here to discuss things with other drummers and read their opinions on various topics. It is something I enjoy and have for many years. I don't come here to argue. If you don't agree with my opinions or what I write, just ignore me. Have a nice day.
@Superman Thanks for the note; apparently my :ROFLMAO: failed to capture the spirit in which the comments were intended :).

I’m in 100% agreement with you about arguing and thought we were instead having a debate on drums etc., so my apologies if it came across as arguing.

Laissez les bons temps rouler mon ami.


My 1990 Tama rockstar pro's, MIJ. Sound way better than either of my export kits. Of course that year used 9ply's of Amarican Linden and not Philipppeno mahogany Basswood. Don't know if that's what makes the difference or not, but they sound better on recordings than my premier artist maple's do. And I get more compliments on their sound than any of my other kits. They just have a "that's how drums should sound" thing going for them.image.jpg


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Guilty as charged my eagle eyed amigo...hmmm, now you’ve got me thinking I should use another boom on my left side purely for aesthetic purposes... :unsure: ?(y)
Did you pull the trigger on the second boom?


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I don't think we've ever seen any pics of your exports
Lord knows I sure haven't. I didn't even know Al owned a set of Exports.

Cmdr. Ross

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The Export all day (and all night) for me. I haven't owned an Export in quite a while, but my experience with the line is that it's reliable to the core.
Had one myself back in the day and it was rock solid!! Tama is great too, but Pearl owned the 80's with their Export power toms & those tubes!!