Evans Min-Emad


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I don't see these often discussed but the Evans Min-Emads for toms and snares are pretty slick. They reduce overtones depending how much contact they make with the drum head. I just started using them today and my first impressions are positive.

Useful for anybody looking to apply varying levels of damping to their drum kit. I could see these being useful in different rooms and different mic situations.



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How they work exactly ! Because, I have a third a moongel on my Maple snare 5" but it's just to robe a bit of sympathetic snare wires resonance and when I record but even that, I like the ping it has. Hi for the Sendan snare, I have the Evans O'ring and I have the same on the 12, 13" and 16" Toms, the 10" has a small truetone but I always feel that they are just ON/OFF devices, so, who with one Emad, you could have different dampening? Let me know sincerely.
Sorry for asking, they are awesome, I found a video: