Entire forum marking itself "read"


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This happens consistently to me. If I spend the time to write a thoughtful post longer than a Tweet, the whole forum marks itself "read."

How can I prevent this? Is there a setting somewhere in the User CP? Or do I just need to go read all the threads since my last visit before commenting on anything?


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Sure. Screenshots, before, then after. Threads with messages since last visit show up in bold. It's like the forums think my "last visit" was when I clicked "Submit Reply," though it also does that if I just leave my browser on the forums and walk off for lunch.


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I have no clue what that is about. Maybe give Bernhard a PM and see if he knows. In the mean time go to the settings in the User CP and see if anything pops out.


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This used to happen to me as well, but lately has not - somehow fixed itself. Though, I probably just jinxed it and now it will happen again...


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This also happens to me. The "go to last unread post" button usually takes me well past the last post I read, if the button shows up at all.

Usually the entire forum is marked as read once I open a single thread.

It's not keeping me away from the forum, but it gets a little irritating at times.