dw 9000 vs 5000, which one!


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The 8000, just as good as the 9000 but cheaper.

They're all good, I don't notice to much of a difference, you might be just as happy with the cheaper 5000 as with the 9000, try them out.


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Try looking at the axis line of pedals as an alternative to the 9000. I play a brand new 5000 on my practice kit and have had an axis on my studio kit for years...I'm not a big fan of the 5000 personally.
i have the 5000 and its plenty good my friend. its as quiet as you can ask for and it responds nicely to any adjusments you might make. i replaced the beater with a round felt ball danmar beater but its all good...just a preference thing. i got mine off of ebay in great condition for 120. saved a few bucks and got what i wanted. :)


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my 5002 is very good for me (and for mr colaiuta and some other cracks, too) and it matches perfectly to my 5500 hihat and was much cheaper than the 9002.

try and decide ... i'd go for the 5000 (or 5002) again.