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Hate to be a dummie, but I just bought my first DW pedal, an 8000 used on ebay. Because it is used, it didn't come with instructions. I have two questions.

1. How do I adjust the spring tension (the real "duh" question). The little quarter inch thing that attaches to the spring doesn't seem to move. But it doesn't seem to move on a 5000 a friend recently lent me.

2. How do you adjust the "infinite cam adjustment" feature?

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Have you checked their website?? You can view and print the owners manual for all of their products. The manual for the 8000 isn't on there yet, but the 9000 manual is and the features you mentioned are the same on both models.

Here you go:


...and for your two questions in particular:

Section 4: Spring Tension Adjustment
DW Drum Pedal Springs feature an internal noise reduction damper as well as a tension
locking mechanism. To increase or decrease the spring tension:
1. Loosen the round knurled nut at the base of the spring assembly.
2. Push down on the spring to release the self-locking hex nut.
3. Tighten or loosen the lock nut to the create the desired tension, then release the hex
nut and retighten knurled nut to lock-in the adjustment.


1.1: Torque
Your pedal is factory set to the most popular settings, including the standard eccentric
(Accelerator) torque position. However, the 9000 Drive can be adjusted to a variety of
torque positions. Choosing
an eccentric setting creates an
in-direct relationship between
the beater and footboard—
increasing the velocity of
the pedal by shortening the
length of the stroke— and is
recommended for situations
that require increased speed
and sensitivity. A more
concentric (Turbo) setting maintains a direct relationship between the sprocket and
the footboard to provide a solid, powerful, consistent feel and is suggested for generalpurpose
playing situations. To adjust the torque to achieve your desired feel:
1. Locate the hex screw that holds the sliding bar on the underside of the rotor.
2. Using the long hex end of the 3-Way key, loosen the hex screw and slide the bar
forward or backward to change the shape of the cam.
3. Retighten the hex screw once the desired position is achieved.


There you go!!

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