DW 5000 Single Chain - Is it just me? (Long)


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Wow, thanks so much for the derailed instructions. What time will you be at my house to do this for me? Just kidding.

So, what did you find you like better, the Turbo chain setup or the Accelerator strap setup?


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I've been wanting try this (installing the belt drive) on my DW3000/5000 (I call it that because I installed the Delta hinge which essentially turns the 3000 into a 5000.)

Anyway, I believe the DW strap cam is not linear. It's looks as if its very similar in design to the blue cam for the Eliminator... so somewhere between a linear (round) cam and a accelerator cam.

Edit: meant "accelerator" not turbo in last sentence
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So, what did you find you like better, the Turbo chain setup or the Accelerator strap setup?

I'm still going back and forth. I've used the pedal on our last three gigs. Not helping matters is that I am presently doing an apples-to-oranges comparison. For the first two gigs, I played my electronic drums (22" kick with mesh head). On that drum, I liked the Turbo (linear) chain setup, but when I tried the Accelerator (strap) setup, I didn't care for it. Exactly the opposite on my 14x24 bass drum -- I prefered the Accelerator. Nice thing is, with it so easy to switch back and forth, I'll probably continue to experiment.

Sorry if the "instructions" were a little long-winded, but here on the interwebs you never know if you're dealing with a technically proficient engineer or someone who can't find the right end of a screwdriver!


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Thanks for the feedback. And, no your instructions were not long-winded. Always better to be perfectly clear than to be possibly vague. ;-)

Les Ismore

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IMO PEARL has the best of both worlds, running a single chain in a smooth (strap style) round/linear cam, or any other design of such.

The chain- not too light, the cam- no resistance. Again, there's no need for a toothed cam on a bass drum pedal, its counter productive.


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You didn't really say, but what pedal is that?


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The dual chain 5000s have a heavy footboard and weak springs. That makes them sluggish. Another MAJOR difference is the position of the footboard. The angle of the chain is larger on the older pedals. I discovered this when I was trying to figure out my dual chain 7000s were not as quick as my older single chain pedals.

To understand what I am talking about in regards to the chain angle, see the differences between the iron and speed cobra pedals. The older dw pedals are to the speed cobras as the newer dws are to the iron cobras.
I've had a 6000 on my electronic kit for a few years now. Which is, I guess, a 5000 with a single chain and a wire frame. I've never given it a second thought, other than it's a nice smooth pedal.

I just started playing a real kit again, and moved it over. Hard to imagine wanting something else from a kick pedal. Certainly better than whatever squeaky things I had access to way back when.


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I've played single chain accelerator 5000's and 5002's for years. When I picked up a 9002, I just set it up like an accelerator, and no problems at all.

But, since picking up a Perfect a Balance pedal, my DW pedals have been relocated to back up duties. ;-)
That pedal is high on my radar. A shame there’s no way to really try one out without throwing down $. Been waiting to find a used one.

I enjoyed my 5000’s 15 years ago. Didn’t play for a decade, got new ones (turbo and double chain on old and new) and I just can’t get the new ones to feel good after 3 years with them. So strange.


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I'd been playing a 5000 accelerator for years until I played a friends kit with a 5000 turbo, ( it was one with a wide footboard and a bar bell type weight at the toe of the footboard). I was amazed at how much better that pedal felt. I have an old single chain 7000 (now 3000) that I like better. In fact, the accelerator is my least favorite of all my pedals. Just my personal preference. It's a single chain type and I'll probably be selling it in the not to distant future.


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I ordered a new DW-5000 single chain pedal last week. It arrived today, I opened the box, took out the pedal and set it up. I placed it side-by-side with my Yamaha 9500C pedal. I noticed that the axle that the cam sits on is a tiny bit higher on the DW. Also, the footboard sits quite a bit closer to the drum.

Pressing down on the pedal with my hand, I noticed a distinct sound emanating from the pedal. Placing my ears closer, I realized that it was the sound of the chain as it interfaced with the sprocket. The Yamaha pedal is completely silent in its operation.

Oh well, box up the DW and return it for a full refund. That noise is a deal-breaker.