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It's actually been number one since like 2008. I started the Drummerworld Wikipedia article (yeah altruistic fool that I am use to write science articles but then started the article for a change- although Bernhard really contributed a lot to be fair) and looked at Alexa.com, Googleanalytics.com and Beesker.com, it was the number one ranked website for drummers and percussionists then too. I always tell young drummers to check it out and learn. It's a virtual encyclopedia of drummers and drumming-a cornucopia -a plethora of cool stuff that all drummers will really dig. It's a great site and great community of drummers too within the forum. But Bernhard is the man-years of dedication and sacrifice-he should be given some award. Let's all give him a standing ovation and clap for a good ten minutes or so till your hands bleed like in Whiplash LOL.
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That's probably because it's an independent web, I think. I read some articles in Modern Drumer and watch videos on Vic Firth's page, but they have a commercial purpose. It's not bad, but most drummers prefer impartial information from real people.
And if there's a new interesting article in one of these webs, someone will post here ;)

PD: Vic Firth / MD lessons sometimes are great, by the way.


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This is also one of the few places I frequent when work isn't coming out of my ears (alongside violinist.com) though I don't post very often. I do not have a facebook account, my "social networks" are specific forums of interest.

This forum is a nice place to be and always cheers me up :)


Congrats on the impressive ranking, it's well deserved. This is really hands down the best site for drummers and the discussion forum's fantastic as well - I have no idea how you manage to keep it from stooping down to the level of most internet forums (the ones I know of anyway).


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Congrats! Amazing forum!
Best community too.

I've pretty much left all other forums because of how they treat people, and look down on other people's views and opinions. I've even been harassed by moderators for enjoying cheaper instruments *cough cough* ultimate guitar*

Drummerworld is like a very extensive family to me. Even if I mostly just read through everything.

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I find the forum more like a conversation. the way it should be without a lot of "im better than you because you ask stupid questions" type stuff. Great job Bernhard!!!!!


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Reality Check for DRUMMERWORLD (http://www.drummerworld.com):

Drummerworld is still - and now for many years - the absolute No. 1 Website for Drums Drummers and Percussion in the World. Thanks a lot to everybody for your support.....(Our forum with 100'000 members is actually not included in these stats...)
..so again: thanks a lot.

Bernhard Castiglioni

Awesome way to change the world for the better, in your own way!