Drummer's Cars


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This has been asked many times here.
Here is my drum transport vehicle.
2000 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Extended Cab.
I can carry my drums on the back seat and still have room in the bed for a deer that I shot while hunting that afternoon.
Sometimes I make my Bass Player ride in the bed with the fresh killed deer.



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A Honda Element works great. You can change clothes in the back seat and it can handle a big bass drum in a case.

I have added a few suggestions, three from the DC auto show.

The motorcycle doesn't do so well though.



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My daily driver is a Chevy HHR SS, bright red. But the vehicle I use to haul drums in is my 2002 Chevy Avalanche truck. It fits my 7 piece kit and add ons with no problem, and I can still fit 3 people in the front seat if I need to.


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Heck, I can fit a drum set in just about ANY car. When I buy a car, I make sure that it can fit:

1. 2 timpani, or
2. my 5-octave marimba

That pretty much covers my space needs. Right now, I'm driving a Honda CRV.


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Right now, I'm driving a Honda CRV.
I've used a diesel CRV for years. Great for gear, family, & economical too. I've just got my ultimate rock & roll drumming bus. No more lugging gear in & out of my garage. The gigging kit stays in here permanently. The drum storage area is heated & humidity controlled. Spoilt drums, spoilt drummer. Great for festival gigs!



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My Dad taught me that you can fit a 6-pc. Ludwig Pro-Beat kit (13", 14", 16", 18", 24", SD) into an '81 Toyota Corolla, and still have room for four people. This valuable lesson has enabled me to fit 7 drums and a half-size Bozzio cymbal and rack setup into my '86 Mazda 323.

I'm not trying to be funny here. I just did a show tonight with all of this. The drawback is that I went home alone, there being no room for anyone else in the car (sorry, Joanie).


I can fit my entire setup in the passenger seat and floorboard of my regular cab 89 F350, but I am planning on finding a camper shell for it, for drums and other reasons. However,my set fits perfectly in my wife's 01 Ford Escape, without taking up any of the seats, so that's what we usually haul the drums with.
2005 Pontiac vibe. Back seats fold down, I can fit a 3 piece band's gear into it. The down side is that I usually get picked to drive to every gig I have!