Drummer + multi-instrumentalist?


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There are some amazing people out there, I was browsing prog rock and came across this

The drummer called Guy Shiffman is super pro and plays some very difficult parts, in the meantime his preferred instrument is metal guitar!

Any more of these ultra talents out there?


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I just recently started playing guitar. I've wanted to my entire life..even ahead of drums but weird things happen. I feel that learning to be a guitar player will very much help with my shortcomings as a drummer which are many. It's difficult and frustrating and I need coaxing to get over hurdles but I'm going to do this.


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I remember Terrence Trent D'Arby played everything on his first album I think...

there are numerous metal guys who play everything on their albums, especially in the black metal and atmospheric/instrumental subgenre of black


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I think the best music geniuses are busy getting rich in another field besides music.

We buy their disposable goods but will never hear their music.