Drum Throne Broken in an Unusual Place?


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Hi fellow tub-thumpers.

I'm new to the forums but i'm looking to understand something that has happened to my drum throne. I've attached a link to some pics.

Has anyone ever had a throne break in this area where the metal has completely sheered and if so do you know why it's happened? This is a Natal throne and i've only had it since July. It wasn't cheap (about £120) and i can't figure out why it's done this. I'm a biggish chap (6ft 3, 17st) but there are bigger drummers out there than me, and i sit relatively still (as still as a rock drummer can). It's a real headscratcher for me.

Has anyone got any thoughts/ideas/wisdom to share.

Many thanks.



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It looks to be metal fatigue.

If I see at a throne that is intact, it looks to be needing to stay rigid (connected as one piece to the solid metal ring beneath it) but also flexible (the clamping system to lock it at a certain height.

So the metal needs to be solid enough to not break at the point where it did with yours, but also flexible enough to clamp down.

That is a though job to mix metal that way.

I would seek a refund and get a roc n soc, yamaha or any othe brand that has a track record of being rock solid on the road.
I can only imagine that the screw was extremely tight and the spindle so rigid that bouncing a bit on the throne caused the crack. Is there are sharp part at the spindle where the crack occured? It looks like it in your picture - maybe the throne was too high. A high throne will cause more leverage as you move on the throne.

However, I would guess that it's not 100% your fault but that there was something wrong with the throne in the first place. Call the shop if you can get a replacement! :)
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Thanks for the replies folks. I've been down to the shop and they are going to replace it for free which is good news. They seem to think the same as you @Swissward Flamtacles in that it probably shouldn't have happened anyway, but that it might have been set too high (as i mentioned, i am 6ft 3) and could have happened whilst turning (i keep the throne head tight, but i won't be from now on, i will keep it loose so the head turns).

Hopefully i can avoid it happening again.