Drum Kit made from Reclaimed Closet Doors


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This is a perfect example of why construction is more important than materials. Those drums sound horrible, even with the "better" wood.

I'm a bit miffed that he got brand new, donated heads. The rest of us who actually play have to buy those things. Even manufacturers have to buy heads.


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Me: adds up time spent and adds monetary value.
Also me: He could've bought like 2 or 3 stage customs with the investment in that "kit"
Still me: Could've picked up a CB kit for free and made it sound like that

Basically, cool bud, you did a thing. IMO you wasted a lot of time and a perfectly good set of Remo heads that could've gone to a school band.

Cmdr. Ross

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Outlaw drums from Georgia does this best. Uses reclaimed barn and house wood.
Love those guys. They were the first stave built company I heard of. Add to the fact that they use reclaimed wood from buildings & fences that many were up during the civil war was a ringer for me.
So not only are you playing a handcrafted drum, but a piece of history as well.


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Old Dog new Cans

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I've been watching this guy in Ohio build drums since I got back into drumming a few years ago.

This is the first of four with this particular build. He is using old doors out of his former high school--which was torn down. Anyway, something to watch if you're bored.


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This exemplifies the old adage that, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Even the Burswood drum set I stripped down, cleaned and slapped some decent heads on sounds better than this.