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Firstly...sorry I posted this
I'm looking at putting new heads on my 1987 Resonator kit, and pretty much have come down to Remo Pinstripe with Ambassadors on the bottom or Evans G2 and G1.

I read through quite a few of the threads on here and it seems that the general consensus is that Pinstripes have less "sing" than the Evans. I play mainly rock and punk, but my question really is how do these heads go with my kit? Does the fact that I have the Resonator liners in affect which heads I need, as in do the liners already make the drum "resonate or sing" meaning I need somethingthat works with them and not against them.....if that makes sense!

I currently have Code batters and probably the original resonance heads on at the minute. As you can tell I'm not particularly experienced in the sounds of different heads so all advice welcome . Thanks


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I almost always use clear G2 over clear G1, except on the toms at church. They get coated G1 on top and bottom. Peace and goodwill.
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I had a Projector kit (a Resonator without the inner shell) for years and used a variety of Remo batters:
Clear Pinstripes, Clear Emperors, Smooth White Emperors (on one tom as an experiment), Coated Ambassadors and Coated Ambassador Xs. I used the stock Premier clear single-ply resos and later used Coated Ambassadors as resos.

Of the ones mentioned, I liked the single-ply batters the best, although I got a good sound out of everything except the Smooth White Emperors.

The last heads I had on it were the Ambassador Xs, which had the best sound for me. I really got 'em dialed in around the time I had to sell the kit. The 12 mil X's had added durability while still retaining "most" of the sing of the single-ply Ambassador.
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