Drink holder for your drums anyone?


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I am in complete agreement here. The clamp tightens down, so it cannot fall off. It's also very durable metal. The bottom has a cushion. Finally, I like the fact that you can get a decent "ping" or "ding" bell sound out of it when you hit it with a stick.
The Vater holder works perfectly for me too.


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I can't believe nobody has linked the cheap, effective and compact Gibralter drink holder.

Edit: Of course there were more replies that hadn't loaded, and many did mention this.

It's the best and takes up the least room.
Yeah, I think I mentioned in this thread already that I use their stick holder for this purpose (I don't trust the actual drink holder, which is short, with a bottle of beer) but man the clamp mechanism is really minimal and annoying. The one pictured here looks like quite the upgrade!