Drilling new butt plate holes close to the old ones?


I'm planning to buy a 1mm brass snare that has a pretty standard butt plate with mounting holes 1 1/2" apart, but I want to replace that with an adjustable butt plate that has mounting holes 15/16" apart. If I get new holes drilled at that 15/16" distance, is that okay, or would having the two "old", now-unused holes so close to the high-pressure point of the new holes be problematic? There'd hardly be any space from the edge of the new holes out to the old holes.



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If you use a backing plate instead of washers the previous holes will be of no concern. The plate will distribute the tension evenly across itself. Washers distribute the tension at two points on the shell.

If you have any concern about the shell crushing or distorting because of the mod and tension, you could also install a flobeam between the throwoff and butt plate.