Double bass pedals

ok so ive been looking at double bass pedals. ive narrowed it down to axis longboards and trick dominator double pedals (if any ones heard of those) (has anyone heard of them? i dont see anyone yousing them or talking about them. they seem awesome but i want some positive feed back on those pedals before i choose them) also the reason i like the dominators over the axis is because the beaders are big unlike the small axis beaders. ive yoused the axis and it feels like i get no power out of them. just speed! any help?


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They are both nice pedals although very pricey. I personally have played them both & although they are nicely machined, well designed pedals, I really didn't like either of them. I've been using DW 5002's for many years. I've tried others but always come back to them. Do a search here, there are lots of threads about pedals. This one will probably get locked.