Does such a PC add-on exist for practicing? (..or your most efficient method for use of digital media for learning and practicing?)


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So let's say I want to learn a Joe Henderson sax solo, on the drums, from a recording. I'll need to take lots of laps through it. The ideal tool for controlling the music player (Spotify, YT, et al) would allow me to quickly:
  • Choose a section to loop
  • Auto-replay the loop infinitely
  • Have Play, Pause, FF, RW, Next and Last. The FF and RW need to audibly scrub.
  • A slow-downer.
  • A record button to quickly record my playing over the track/loop.
Does such a thing exist? Any music playback solutions, hardware or apps you use a lot that fix any of the above? I'm thinking an outboard keyboard full of music controls, but haven't seen it.
Edit your own mp3 loop of the track. I use Audacity, which that link will tell you how to do, or you can also do it with Transcribe!-- you can export X number of repetitions of any part of the track you highlight.

You could tag your loops by style, meter, and tempo to make them easy to organize in a player-- VLC or Music Bee or whatever.

SoundSlice will get you quite close. I don't think they have all of your features (scrubbing or recording), but you could always submit a feature request.
Here's one I'm finding very useful:

You drop a YT url in, and punch it for start and finish times of the desired loop. Since just about everybody's music is on YT now, the world is at your fingertips to create an instant practice loop with.