Do feel the need to play the same brand of cymbals?


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I've always said mixing brands is fine but like the op said I'm starting to be drawn to having a complete set of something. Currently I use an A 17, K 17 &18 crashes, a 13 AA ElSabor splash, A hats 14 new beats and 80s 15 rock hats. and I have 3 rides AAX Omni, TRX special edition AX and HHX evolution. For many years I used a 18 Paiste sig full crash, 16 A zildjian 15 new beats and a 60s A ride. I doubt I would ever shell out the $ for a complete set at once.


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I've owned more Sabians and Paistes over the years than anything else (and for some reason they seem to get along with each other), but I do have a pair of Meinl hats, a Bosphorus china, an Agop Signature ride, some Turkish Ks, some really sweet As, a 70s Canadian A Ping Ride... A Keplinger cymbal, even! It sounds like a garbage can lid and I love it.

I'm firmly in the camp of "if it sounds good, and works with the kit, it's a cymbal worth using" and all my cymbals do actually get used.


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I play mostly older 80's era Zildjian K's and A's with a few Sabian, and Bosherous in my collection too. I've collected all my gear over the last few decades, mainly what I found good prices on the used market. Part of me longs for a complete "package pack" of cymbals or at least all the same brand. I feel like the cymbals would pair up better if they're all from the same company/line. But part of me thinks that is kind of foolish thinking. Maybe the big name pro's would use mixed up cymbal set ups too if they had no endorsement deals?

How important is it to you to play on the same brand/line for your cymbal set up?

It used to not be important until I started playing these. Now, it's all I play.


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Neal Pert

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Human beings tend to be happier when their choices are limited. I mostly stick to one brand (Paiste now, but Zildjian for years before that) because I know I can get all the sounds I need from any major brand. And because I live in a small town a few hours from a good drum shop, I have to be able to choose my cymbals via online stores, and Paiste's consistency is a huge plus in a situation like mine. So all my cymbals are Paiste now. When I was switching I briefly thought about Sabian but I could not live with the logos.


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1970- all Zildjian
1972-3 I added 2oo2 se hi hats and a 2oo2 16
mixed for about 5 years. Initial years of playing.

After that
full sets of Paiste.
Full sets of K Cons.
Full sets of Istanbuls.

Full set of Old Ks
Full set of Bosphorus.

A cymbal company -within all their variety- have a sound.
You enter another cymbal company into that sound. They don't always mix. They don't always blend.

It can be like a dinner table where all the guests speak a different language

Rather you can get a variety from a single company. (as stated earlier 1st by Bermuda
It's not limiting.
It's blending.

And looks better ; )
Makes sense to the eyes (beauty
Makes it EASIER
Same as with your drums; 1 maybe two brands at once.
unless you're that craigslist guy

butt.. it's an evolution
evolutionary proces$s
it's being picky if you can want to afford it.
with always an open mind towards others
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Mr Farkle

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Ever since I can remember, I would commit my work under a single brand so that if something went wrong or I had a problem, there was no inter-brand interference. I'm talking about DeVilbiss or Binks, Sunfire 421 or Imron, Trek or Specialized, Canon or Nikon, Speedotron or Profoto. These tools are more complex than a cymbal, but the principle applies: I learn [by using] a particular brand of product how it operates and functions, and when I try a different brand, I'm acutely aware of the differences.

With cymbals, I played all different brands on various church kits. I could hear differences and made my judgements based on that. When I [finally] had the money to buy some good cymbals, I did a blindfold test at my local drum shop and walked away with Paiste.
That’s a solid plan. In the photography world I learned to only buy brands that had accessories I could rent locally. Early on I bought a beautiful Pextax LX system, two bodies, motor drives etc and then realized that I needed to buy lenses for every occasion. Not a great idea.


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I was really OCD about being one brand, but i'd let that go eventually. Got a Paiste china and added a few other models, also 2 Meinls. Majority is still Zildjian though, but i want to get a set of Paistes just to have something different after 11 years. Will not sell my Zildjian though, will regret it if i ever would need them i like the idea of having a small cymbal vault.
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