Did You Play Today?

Been a couple days since I had a date with the pad.
Life. It has other plans sometimes.
I just did 30 minutes on my J Mascis telecaster mastering C.G.and E!. I wanna be Ritchie Blackmore! damn it!..and fast!. Anyway..im headin to the basement to open up the GLS stick control book and jump on the practice pad kit. It feels like I'm going nowhere but if I DONT do this everyday I'll be LESS than nowhere. Dear Lord please grant me patience..amen. 😟.
No - still licking my wounds after a bruising gig last night

To be honest just play gigs or jams at the mo, no practice. I just get in trouble if I practice at home and the idea of playing without other musicians doesn't appeal right now

This will change at some point. I normally have a mad month of practice every day when I'm feeling low
Yes, I played at church this morning and sang one song. Peace and goodwill.
Not really feeling it today. Slogged through 30 minutes of pad this morning and 30 minutes of drums this afternoon.
Yes my lil acoustic Pearl Rhythm Traveler POD with 10,12 in shallow concert toms, 16X13 kick., and my Pearl steel Sensitone snare. I've been muffling everything to keep volume down for neighbor and trying out my Ahead sticks a bit. Man for a lil kick it sounds huge-and adding a homemade mylar ring tamed the crappy toms they tune and sound way better now. IMG_3874.jpeg
First time in a month or two. It felt really good, although it took a few takes, to each song, to get going. I would have played longer then an hour, but had to get dinner started. BBQ chicken and rice. YUM!
I try to play every day. I miss some days but not many.. I don't regiment my time any more , I feel what I do is what's needed..
how do you measure time if you don't play a little every day.
A clock? useless. : )
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Yes, I went to church and practiced by myself. I used Stick Control, Syncopation, and The Rock Drumming Workbook. Peace and goodwill.