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For 'boutique', all I know is what I have.

Canopus - their concept for detail matches what I want, especially the RFM series. Custom ply, custom edge, custom 'sound ring', low mass brass lug. Can't wait for the my 15" bass drum order. I really their other concepts; hybrid hardware, the speedstar bearing, leather washers and the best snare wires in the biz. Plus a focus on jazz players and kits, I think do it better than most

Eames - I just have a 14x7 15 ply, unlike anything I've ever had. Would love a Mastertone kit someday. I'd probably get the hardware and finish somewhere else though. I'm not much for looks but their finishes are

N&C - I really liked my kit, just wish it was standard sizes...they really take to higher tunings really well they way they design their sharper edge. Plus their extras like brass tube lugs, nodal point invention, cool mount...yum

There are some many boutiques I'd like to play....

For Major....hmm, if you are going to be major then your hardware should really be complete in my opinion and have some all star snares. I'd pick Tama or Ludwig. Sorry to Gretsch, though makes great drumsets, has neither hardware or snares I fancy.


Major: DW
Boutique: N&C, Oriollo and Inde. Most of my stuff is boutique as I’ve generally gravitated away from the larger manufacturers for anything other than hardware and cymbals.


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Man, I've been doing this a long time. And there's some stuff that I really connect with from everybody.

My #1 backline choice is Yamaha, mostly for the mounting system. Plus I know what I'm getting into when I walk in and see it.
Every other brand is a crapshoot, hardware , shells, snares. I can't be bothered with the strainers and guesswork.... So... Yamaha

And at home I'm a Craviotto owner and user, but not every snare I've played from them suits my needs.. But for sure I'm a fan.
So.... Craviotto


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Major - Ludwig
Boutique - no opinion