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Major: Gretsch, especially their USA-made kits. But the Renowns are also very nice.

Boutique: INDe for something relatively affordable, or Hendrix Drums for a high-end stave kit. I also like Noble & Cooley's high-end drums.


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major: Pearl
boutique: Ayotte


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Major - Yamaha for kits, Ludwig for snares.
Boutique - Never owned one, probably never will.

Jeremy Bender

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Major drum kits - Sonor & Yamaha

Boutique snares - N&C, Joyful Noise.
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“Avant Garde”?
Drums,, Boutique is a French derivative of Ancient Greek meaning Storehouse.. How Special.. My pick would be Upscale Niche... more to the point where is the breakaway point from Major to Boutique... Price? Features? Rarity? Etc.
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Ryan Culberson

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Major: DW - can’t believe nobody else has mentioned them (he says facetiously)

Boutique: Heuer - I’ve seen some guys here in SoCal playing Chris’ drums and they always bring the extra juice.
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John Q. Drummer

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Major: Yamaha

Boutique: Craviotto, GMS, Tempus, Ayotte and Joyful Noise. All absolutely wonderful instruments that I’ve had the pleasure to own and get the “warm fuzzies” just thinking about again. Been actively looking for a Joyful Noise metal snare for a few months now but new or used, they don’t come up for sale often.


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Major: Ludwig USA (Gretsch is a close second)
Boutique: I'm not really sure. I'd love the play one of the newer C&C kits now that they make their own shells.

Jeff Almeyda

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Major: Tama, Yamaha
Custom: Dunnett


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maybe "small production"


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ok, so not to ":burst the bubble", but I have heard that most of the "specialized" companies just use Keller shells. Like, very few are actually making the shells from "scratch"

Is this true?