Major: Yamaha. I can make any kind of music with my combination of AHMs and RCs, though I'd love to one day also have a Club Custom and maybe even an old Tour Custom. I don't need them and don't have room for them, so I probably won't.

Boutique: Noble and Cooley for the same reasons you listed. But also they're just great people, which I am pretty sure you've also mentioned multiple times here.
Ludwig first.
Gretsch and Yamaha tied for second.

Boutique - never owned, so it's all hearsay for me, but I like what I've seen from Inde.

I don't know how many of these are still in operation, but I thought this was an interesting list (from 2007):
Boutique: Craviotto
Major: Tama

Subject to change without notice.
I was curious to see what the Forummites preferences were when it comes to Major Drum Companies and Boutique Drum companies .

For me personally my favourite major drum company and favourite period is Gretsch . I love the USA Custom line and I have owned more Gretsch drums sets than any brand . The sound and feel of the USA Custom is unique and their lacquer finishes are gorgeous .

When it comes to boutique brands - my list begins and ends with Noble and Cooley . The oldest family owned American Drum Company . They make wonderful drums ,that sound great and their finish work is top notch too .

My own list just happens to begin and end with your list, Rick.

To my ears, no other drum has a signature sound more easily identified than Gretsch. Throughout the histories of jazz, pop and fusion, Gretsch's bark and twang stand far outside the circle of voices made by every other major drum maker.

And Noble and Cooley's drums are as precise, as warm and as engaging as the family who make them.

I note, apart from my honorable mention of Sonor, that Gretsch and Noble & Cooley both happen to produce drums with the cleanest and clearest tone as well. And all of them have been doing it the longest.
boutique: Sugar Percussion
Major: Yamaha

Sugar has just beautiful craftsmanship, great sounds, great story behind them and, at least for me, they are extremely versatile

Yamaha, I feel has great hardware, light shells, and really classy looking in a general sense.

I would add, my biggest sale regret is my Tama Starclassic, so I would put that in the major as well.
Gretsch for major, Varus for boojie.
Noble is OK and I do Not really dis-like them .. but some things I think they could be more clear about.. One is their claim of the oldest drum company or whatever. . which I know about the war drums... but there are many people who read this statement and imagine them making full sized drum sets a long long time ago.. and they were nothing of the sort . They only started drum sets , I believe in the mid 80's and mostly keller shells by far .. which is fine and I actually still think keller are some of the finest sounding shells now in 2022. . The other thing is most of their parts are generic parts available to anybody . brackets, hoops, spurs .. except their lug and throw off. This is one of the main things I look at with any company, if their parts are their own or they are just buying generic stuff and bolting it on.. The " it's so expensive to design" excuse cannot be used after such a long time of being in business.

I love their snares for sure although the pricing on solid shelled snares .. across the board for most companies, has gotten ridiculous, especially for craviotto IMO.
Major: Mapex
Boutique: ?

Peace and goodwill.
Major: Still partial to Yamaha for their Recording Custom Series for over four decades.
Boutique: Noble & Cooley and Joyful Noise.

But my next kit will be Noble & Cooley.
Major: Pearl (Premier is really growing on me).

Boutique: Never owned one, so I have no opinion.
For what it's worth, I've had most of them, I now have an old Slingerland set , Slieshman and Craviotto. Considered a new Gretsch USA or Broadcaster but way too expensive.. that would be my other choice.. In saying that Gretsch USA are the drums I've played most in a gigging sense..