Critical guidance needed


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Hey all thank you for your constructive feedback. I will pass this feedback to

Understood - it was only sarcasm!
I have studied your replies and wish to thank you for your constructive feedback. I guess that one has to know his/her limitations before can learn and progress anything and here we are talking about modesty. I talk with my friend and ask him to join the forum himself. That could be his first step in learning to play.
Modesty would be a start. The answer to your friend’s question is out there for him to hear with his ears in the tons of music created over the decades and played by some of the greatest drummers ever. He really needs to expand his world of influence by listening to more than just Scandinavian pop music. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And the more I think about this, the more baffled I am at your friend’s total lack of self awareness. Anyone with access to the internet has insane amounts of material with which to better ones self. If your friend joins the forum he will be welcomed and will have the full encyclopedic knowledge that this group has available to him. But please, have him leave the attitude at home. After all, I KNOW that I suck.


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I think there is a dimension we aren't examining in the mental department with this fella. Anyone who believes their cranium is growing is a red flag (an early post) so I'm more sensitive how to address it. But I think drumming is very therapeutic so encourage it and likely socialization would really help to. We all have quirks some more than others. But I do agree with self taught drummers being isolated so may develop a deluded perception of reality and their playing. Usually just watching a video fixes that (I wanted to quit realizing how bad initially In frustration) but in this instance not-which makes me think the mental aspect again. I wouldn't want to discourage playing being to critical but some intervention seems in order. Given circumstances no if he's playing makes him "happy" well I'm good with that.


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ok, Real talk. I don't care who is in the video. But If I had to say one thing. It's play less. and GHOST NOTES. Ghost notes are sooo important. As are accents to make things pop.

If you are going to "solo" over a song for that long or work on chops you need to go over the bar line too, so fills in groups of 3,5,and 7. are good for that to add variety, But the trick is to accent and ghost them so the parts that need to stick out do.

and did I say play less? play a beat/groove once in a while if you want your fills to stand out.

I love a GOOD drum solo. but I'd rather hear someone play the same solid grove for 5 minutes than a bad drum solo. There is defiantly potential there. And I think with some more fills, accents,ghost notes, groove, and possibly lessons that could turn into excellent playing.