Cool video about "Trout Mask Replica".


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Ima check this out after work, I dig his stuff. He was a loon huh? From what I read, Drumbo compared him to Manson but more powerful....yikes! Eat your beans and get back to work or Ill stab ya....sounds like an amazing work atmosphere.


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This is my Music Theory teacher [Samuel Andreyev] interviewing Bill Harkleroad [Zoot Horn Rollo], my guitar teacher.

Bill did meet Charles Manson and The Family via Don, somewhat in passing. I think that comparing Don [The Captain] to Charles Manson is actually fair, to a degree.

With Trout Mask Replica, Don would play things on piano, and then John "Drumbo" French would transcribe it. Here's a sample of the work tape.

Trout Mask Replica is campy, weird, strange, fun, and dark. I like it because I don't feel myself marching along in time, like I might do with a more popular song. I never get this feeling of "ooh, here comes that chorus!" Instead, I'm free to just bask in it, and I don't even bother with feeling where the "1" would land. I can focus on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, or whatever, and ride along with that instrument. Sounds different every time, depending on focus.

Bill, Rockette Morton, and a few of the other guys formed a band called MALLARD. They had two albums, got little attention, and that was it. My favorite song of theirs is MAMA SQUEEZE.

This year [2017], The Magic Band is having a farewell tour. Bill "Zoot" has never participated in this venture. It was typically Drumbo and Rockette Morton [Mark Boston]. Mark is too ill to tour this year, so it will just be Drumbo doing his best Captain Beefheart impression.