Cold Weather and Drums

Captain Bash

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I see from the news that the USA is being hit by a spell of cold weather, how’s this working out on your drums and or drumming. For example, I live in the wet and mild UK, my gig kit is stored in the un heated garage but our temps rarely fall below freezing.

Are drums ok at -10 C blimey.


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Regarding wood....

It's OK for wood to get cold. It's OK for wood to get reasonably warm. It's NOT OK for the temperature/humidity to change quickly.

The most noticeable result will be that clear poly/lacquer/nitro finishes will check/crack. Other issues are the formation of condensation (cold drum set in hot room) and the wood drying and getting brittle (hot drumset into a cold storage shed). Other issues are ply separation, adhesive failure (on wraps) and warpped wraps.

When wood gets hot (>~150F), it becomes amorphus and can warp under pressure. Not OK to leave in a sun baked car or next to the radiator.

Les Ismore

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Condensation is the worst IMO, got to wait the extra time for the the drums to warm up, moisture is not your friend anywhere on a drum kit.


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I live in a dry climate 90% of the year, and have noticed the wrap on my Catalina Club bubbling in certain areas.
The kit isn't exposed to extreme temp fluctuations so I know I'm safe there. It is the one I gig with & is in and out of cases a lot.

The way I see it, this is the drum set calling for me to send the wrap to the landfill and expose the mahogany underneath.
Something I've given thought to for many years.


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Those days it's raining like hell over Paris, when I need to get de drum kit out, I take care not to leave the drums or the stands in their bags for few days when I store them. The drums are stored in a room (heated) but I don't want humidity trapped in the bags. Think of the drums, the hoops, but also, all the chrome stands when going from wet to dry atmosphere.
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I know that my tuning goes off when it's really hot or cold, so I assume that's from the temp change itself, but since I can fix it with a drum key, I don't worry too much about it.