Classic Maple Fab kit (22/13/16), considering adding a 14x14 FT


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Hi everyone. I recently picked up a Ludwig Classic Maple Fab shell pack, which consists of 14x22, 9x13, and 16x16 drums. I'm considering adding a 14x14 floor tom to the kit, but I'm not sure how it will sound between the 13 and 16. I've played 12/14/16 often enough, but I wonder if I will be able to get enough tonal separation between the 13 and the 14. Do any of you guys play a 13/14/16 configuration?

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There are drummers who play or have played a 13" rack/14" floor tom configuration notably Poogie Bell and Richard Danielson (Vintage Trouble, in his early years). The 13/14 works well for them as well as for others. If a 13/14/16 works for you, by all means go for it.

For me I'd be inclined to add an 18" floor tom as that would give a nice overall spread, especially with the 22 inch bass drum. But if you don't like 18" floor toms or you don't want to lug one around, and you don't want anything larger than 16", then you might consider adding a 15" floor tom. A 13/15/16 might suit you well.


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13, 16 and 18" toms are certainly a nice spread, and there's no reason why 13, 14 and 16" won't work (heck, kits used to be sold with 12, 13, 14 and 15" rack toms), but, have you considered adding a 14" and 18" floor tom? Put the 14" to the left side of your snare drum and the 16 and 18" floor toms on the right side, or just have them available to use as the music calls for it.


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For quite a while, my shell bank (toms) was 12, 13, 14, 16, 18. I tried every combo there was. I even made a run with using the 18 as a bass drum. You can get a 13, 14, 16 combo to work. How you tune will dictate your separation between drums.


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An 18" FT is a good suggestion, and I'd love to try it TBH, but this will be my gigging kit and I don't want it getting too big/heavy. I suppose if I tune the 13" up like a 12", then it would work well with 14" and 16" floors. These shells seem to have plenty of tuning range.

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I bought a FAB kit recently and added a 12x8 rack tom so it gave me 22x14, 12x8,13x9 and 16x16. I don't like pushing a 16x16 floor tom back with a smaller floor tom. I'd go that way or a 16x18 like the above suggestion. YMMV


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I'm running 10/13/16. Love it. The tonality spread is fantastic in both high/low and intervals. Not sure how you feel about adding a smaller tom, but its another idea.


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The set I had for the longest time, had 13 and 14 mounted toms with a 16 floor tom.
Never had a problem getting a decent spread between the 13 and 14.
I would imagine a 14 floor tom would be different but similar for tuning.

You might also consider doing what Darth Vader did - running a 12/13/16.
That's the way I would go, but it would mean adding a bass mount and tom holder.
Or.... running them both off of cymbal stands.
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I don't think you'll have any trouble getting enough tonal spread between a 13" mounted tom and a 14" floor tom. The extra depth on the 14" makes a big difference in getting a fairly low note, plus a 13" sounds great pitched up just a little anyway...

I've also tried the 10-13-16 set up and I really like the good old 12-13-16, so if you decide to add another "up" tom instead of a "down" tom I think both of those set ups sound great too, FWIW...


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It'll be fine. After all, there's more volume difference between a 13x9 - 14x14 than between a 12x8 - 13x9.
You can get in trouble if you add a 12" to it. Having 12 13 14 16 caused me trouble with tuning on 2 kits I had.
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