Can anybody find me...some drums to love?


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One of the things I enjoy most about this site, is logging in to see new drum posts. Not that I want or need new drums....I like seeing and reading excited posts from drummers who've landed something new (or new to them). Lately, there's a dearth of new drum posts and I get why...inflation, economic uncertainty for many of us. Others are simply content with the gear they have (me included). Still...I miss new drum day posts!


After waiting seven months I finally was able to nab one of the new Tama Club Jam Pancake kits! To make it even better, I called to double check that it actually was available and not a preorder and ended up with an extra $50 off. It should be here by next week.


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Here are my kits I play week in and week out. NONE of my Ludwig kits are "born together." Each kit has one mismatched piece, but I love them.

14 x 8 and 14 x 6.5 Black Beauty snares. I play the 8" with my WMP Classic Maple and 6.5 with my 3-ply Ludwigs. I didn't like the tube lugs at first, but I like the way they look with the long tuning rods of the Club Dates.

This is my computer wallpaper. Ludwig "Club Classic" kit (3-ply). The kick and rack are Club Dates from '65, and the floor tom is Super Classic from '68. Factory white painted interiors and no stamps.

Ludwig Classic Maple in Down Beat sizes. This has become my practice kit. The kick and floor tom were made just before Ludwig switched to the cast brass badge; they have the older stamped out badge and are a beautiful red glass glitter. I ordered a 12" red sparkle rack tom that has the cast brass badge because the glass glitter was no longer available.

Ludwig CM in WMP - 24 x 14, 13 x 9, 16 x 16, and 18 x 16. The person I bought these from said that the 18" floor tom was a special order and was made 4-5 months after the rest of the kit. It's an exact match, but the serial number is way out of whack when compared with the rest of the set.



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