Brian Blade or Dave Weckl?


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I think some Dave's earlier stuff came across kind of like 80's hair metal on a drum kit. Not as much dynamics or timbre nuance. I think that might just be an artifact of what the kits were like in the 90's.

I just checked out some of his current video's, and I think he has kept with the time pretty well, looks like something Jojo Mayer might do:

Paul Blood

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Two very different drummers ! I guess both could be considered jazz players in broad sense.

If I were a record producer, I’d hire Blade if the music was “ organic “ and I’d hire Weckl if the music called for a high level of precision. Of course both are world class drummers. I appreciate both for what they have to offer.


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I've seen Dave W with his band a few times and in clinics.. fantastic drummer, one of the best, Didn't really like the Chick Corea album with Electrik Band.. but may have been the music itself.. I recall it just left me cold.. haha. Dave's first solo band CD was fantastic..
As for Vinnie - again - an astounding drummer.. but not a fan of his Jeff Beck stuff - waay too busy.. to the point of just wanting him to stop! Loved his Zappa stuff though..
Not an expert on Brian Blade other than he is very good at what he does.
In all 3 cases - 3 fantastic drummers but sometimes the music is is not really my cup of tea. In terms of overplaying.. I've only really noticed that with Vinnie in some cases with Jeff Beck..
I guess it's all in ear of the beholder..