Brand New SpeedCobra Issues


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Hey guys, hoping for some help or advise here.

I just bought a brand new Tama SpeedCobra 910 double pedal and the left side (slave) pedal makes a squeeky/crunchy sound and isn’t as smooth as the right (main) pedal. Not sure how a brand new pedal can perform this way. Any thoughts on what might be causing this or how I should go about contacting Tama? Can’t use oil on bearings for these pedals, so not sure what to do.


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Tama would not expect a customer to have to service or repair a new pedal. Exchange it for another new one!


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Sounds like it could be a bad bearing. Exchange it for another one. That shouldn’t be a problem for GC.


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Before you return it, check all the parts and make sure everything is tight. Pedals are gonna be assembled by hand, people make mistakes.

Check the spring assembly, the cam and beater attachments, the Cobra Coil, the baseplate, basically everything. Remember, none of that stuff was born on there, it's all screws. If nothing is loose and you still can't get rid of or find the issue, then definitely return it.