Bill Detamore - top bloke.


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A while ago a Pork Pie snare came up on Gumtree in my area ( your Craigslist) at a reasonable price. Knowing the Pork Pie reputation from this forum I quickly snapped it up as I wanted a good quality snare. The seller didn't have much info on it at the time. I finally got around to emailing the Pork Pie website to get some info on the drum. No of plies etc .I had the date it was constructed and serial no from inside the drum. I thought It would be a while before I got a reply from one of the staff thinking the Pork Pie group would be pretty busy to research this and it would hardly be top of their "to do " list. Anyway, 2 days later I get a return email from Bill himself with details of the drum.How good is that service. Turns out it was originally sold to a store in London and is in a finish that is no longer made - so a bit of a collectors item.
I'm a great believer in when you receive good service it should be acknowledged - so Bill, you're a champion!


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I second this. I have a Pork Pie snare, and I have had Bill recut bearing edges for me on two occasions (not on Pork Pie drums). Spoke with him personally, and he was very informative and helpful. They do top quality work at a fair price and I really liked dealing with Bill and his company. I can't honestly say that about very many companies.