Bass drum patch

I had the single, but yep, that's it!
If you want a clicky sound they work great. But they are not versatile.good alternative to triggers
Remo flam slam patch I think is made of Kevlar and is pretty durable, for me anyway.

I second this motion.

I don't play especially heavy, but I do play A LOT with a wooden beater! If you wear one of these out, you needed a new head anyways.
I remember there was a rumor that some metal guys used to take quarters and super glue one to their kick heads and another to their kick beaters to get that initial impact sound. Idk if this is true or not.
You know, I just went through this. In the end I was just going to buy the Gibralter kick pad. Sound, price, durability, and stability it was a good all-rounder. The others seemed like a compromise in some fashion or another.

In the end my local drum store (shout out to Bentley's) turned me on to a non-working Alesis electronic bass drum module-pad-thingy. It has been working really well for me so far.

It has two spikes and the DW5000 I have attached to it has two of it's own. It doesn't really move at all.
Funny. I just saw this thread and though BD Patch? I don't remember commenting on this.

So yeah, I mis-read the title as BASS DRUM PAD...

Maybe I need to sleep more often.

To the correct point of the post. I use and Evans EQ patch. No complaints.
I've used the Aquarian Super-Thin Kick Pads ever since they've come out. Minimal tonal coloration. I use this on all of my bass drums. I've never had a single issue with them.

I bought the Tackle patch a few months ago and knew right away it was too thick for what I wanted and returned it...too bad because I really like the look and their products in general. I just want a bit more durability but not change overall attack..perhaps Dr. Scholl's is for me.
Remo's Flam Slam patch is all I've ever needed.