Bass cabinets! Opinions?


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Do you have a preference playing along with a 4x10 or a 115 bass cabinet? Maybe a 2x12? Looking to branch out. Currently using a 4x10 Hartke and it's pretty great. Nice tight sound, but it's a heavy beast and not very portable for gigs. It will probably just live in the rehearsal space.
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I also play bass, and I prefer a 4x10 to anything else for projection on stage...even as a drummer. I currently have an Avatar 4x10 from the first year he was making them, and it is perfect for every genre I have used it in. It replaced my Hartke4x10 from 1991...

anything with a 15 in it is too muddy for my ears, both as a bassist and asa drummer

but on set, I am usually getting the monitor mix of the bass, which is 20% awesome, 80% awful most of the if I have the choice, I have the bass player set up with his cab behind me in the stage set up, and ask for a small amount in the monitor, and try to get the rest from their cabinet

there have been (too) may gigs where I am playing to the bass part in my memory, and hoping that we are lining up b/c the onstage sound is so bad


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I like a 2x12, my Genz Benz NeoX 212T always gets compliments from other musicians in the room, and the bassist in my band often borrows it. That said, it’s really more about box tuning than the diameter of the cones. Tuning the box well can get more depth and fatness out of a small cone, or more tightness and punch out of a big cone. Most bass cabs don’t have much effort put in their tuning, it’s not profitable.

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I believe there was a 4 x 10 inch bass cabinet at the bar where I played. The cabinet sounded wonderful. Sometimes we would play a keyboard through the amp and speaker. It sounded great then also. But we needed a truck to move it to other buildings.

Someone brought a Mark Bass amp with a single 10 inch speaker to our gig. It sounded good. We were surprised that it sounded so good for being such a little amp and speaker.


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There are so many variables when it comes to cabinet design that I couldn't just put out a speaker diameter and configuration.

Sealed, ported, enclosure tuning. Neodymium magnets vs the usual. Thick plywood builds vs synthetics and such.

I do tend towards 10" speakers for my own gear, but I think that's mostly because I find them on the cheap.

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I have 2 custom bass cabs with 12" Kappalite 3012HO's in them. They also have an array of tweeters as well.

They can be used for bass guitar or as PA speakers as I can turn the tweeters off if I choose. I run my Roland TD-11 through them and they sound great.

Nice and punchy and the cabinets are about 50 lbs each so they are not too unwieldy.


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Avatar 1x12 w/ Eminence Delta speaker. I got one new a long time ago, and still use it. I've gigged it bars in the Bowery and a live radio station gig in New Jersey, among other places. Handy in a cab, a little big for the train but doable later at night with no issues. People are always impressed with how loud it can get. :D

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Euphonic Audio N-112. Single 12" speaker cabinet with an EA Doubler amp. Just using it for rehearsal.