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Hi All, been lurking a while but never posted an intro. Back into business after a long lay off. Played in cover band in late 60's early 70's. Then family, work etc took over and sold gear. Never lost the passion though and really missed playing but life is a compromise, particularly with a family. Anyway, children not in the nest anymore, made redundant last year at aged 62 so finally have the time. Thanks to this forum and the fantastic advice and info that is posted I bought myself a good second hand Tama set and some Zildian Custom A hats, 20"medium ride and 18" crash. Found a couple of other old tragics , one with a fender six string electric and another who plays bass and we now jam every couple of weeks for an afternoon - having a blast. The changes in variety of drums, cymbals, equipment etc since I last played is both exciting and overwhelming. Anyway, love the forum and the support and advice it gives.

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Like the theme song from Welcome Back Kotter; welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaaaack . . . . . . . .

Yes, lots of cymbals to choose from, drum quality vastly improved for the price ranges they're in, and hardware got beefier and with more attachments and options. The drum companies are offering more, for less money, trying to outdo each other, and it's all good for us.


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Welcome, and welcome back!

The good news is, age really isn't a barrier to getting out there and playing. You and your cronies will find gigs, if that's a goal.

The other good news is, there's always been a strong demand for bands playing oldies and classic rock & soul, so you can pick up where you left off if you want. Or, play whatever you want, there's no shortage of great, fun music from the last 30 years.