Axis, Trick, or Iron Cobra


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well i have a iron cobra power glide double and man it is awesome nearly every part is adjustable even the beater! BUT you should go to a store and try some pedals out unlike me i just ordered them straight off the internet!
any way do you live in england cos do IC power or rolling glide for £210 (pounds)and if you do live in england axis and trick are kinda hard to find!

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I have played all three, and currently own both an Iron Cobra Flexiglide and a Trick Pro 1-V. I prefer the Trick. It's faster and smoother than anything I've played. Plus, I love the design and easy adjustability. Additionally, although I have the model with a heelplate, the pedal can be retrofitted for a longboard, and can also be converted to a double pedal. Finally, the Trick appears to be built for a lifetime.

So if a direct drive pedal is for you, and you have the mega-bucks that a Trick costs, I recommend the Pro 1-V


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trick and axis are in a whole other league than an iron cobra. IC are less espensive. trick axis are top quality


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I own all 3 but prefer (and endorse) the Trick. I've also owned DW, Pearl, Yamaha, Sonor, Rogers and Ludwig pedals, and the Trick beats em all.

They have a newish pedal called the Dominator, which sells for around $2-225, and has the same mechanism as the Pro1v, just with less fancy/costly parts. They're also a little lighter & smaller than the Pro1v... I have a couple on order for my 'local' kits.