Audix Mics?

what pack are you talking about?
im looking at this.

I wasn't talking about a pack. Unfortunately, they don't sell just a D-2/D-4/D-6 pack. I was pricing the those mics individually (130/170/200 which adds up to 500).

I'm not recommending the Audix pack, because I don't recommend things that I have no knowledge about or experience with. They might be great...I don't know.

Yes, Audix tends to sell for a bit cheaper, but it's only about $10 less on average. Not enough to really make a difference for the bigger sound companies (ie, the guys who have enough gear to do festivals).

No, the trend is changing because Audix tends to have a flatter response than the corresponding Shure model. The SM57 and 58 have a low-mid bump that has to be EQ'd around, whereas the Audix doesn't.

All across the price levels, Audix tends to have microphones that sound just a little better than the Shures, typically with a little less handling noise and better feedback rejection. And, because they don't have the SHURE name plastered on them, they tend to still sell for cheaper. THAT'S why the big guys buy them.

The club guys buy Shures because they don't know any better. It's pretty rare to have a knowledgable dedicated soundman in a club, so they buy what's been working for the better part of the century. OR they're like me and had already bought their Shure gear... As soon as my Shures start to die, they'll be replaced with Audix.

It's nice to disagree...

You can get both SM57s and i5s for $100 street price. That seems the same to me...

The OM mics are a little spendier, but they are worth it, for sure.

Audix has made a name for itself already. Their microphones sound great when compared to other microphones. They tend to EQ a little more aggressively (ie: NOT a flatter response), which makes them more "instrument specific" microphones.

When I talked about festival budgets, I was referring to the people (live sound companies) that have the money to replace all of their previously used mics (Shures, AKGs, etc...) with Audix mics. I've seen it at at least 4 festivals this last year--they used all Audix mics. Not a Shure 57 to be seen! The sound guys all say the same thing: "They sound amazing!" These are people who tried a couple of Audix mics mixed in with their other mics, and then decided to make the overall switch...not people buying mics for the first time.

Gosh, I hope an Audix representative is reading this...