Attack Rack


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So I came across this pic on FB and was wondering if anyone here uses one of these?

Kits from left to right: Gene Hoglan, Paul Bostaph, Charlie Benante

My initial impression was the attack rack on Gene's kit looks a bit "messy" compared to the hex racks (I think) Charlie and Paul use but it's still pretty cool and certainly different from the usual rack setups.



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Different yes, not really a fan. You can make any rack system look as crazy as you want, just depends on how much money you want to spend and how much time you want to spend cutting down pipes. I like a clean look. Would rather see the drums than a rack


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It's nice that it kind of "hugs" the bass drum. But any boom/tom arms you attach to it end up coming out at weird angles. It's like they tried to do what Andy did with his Yamaha Hex Rack, but in a really awkward way. Also, they're pretty expensive for what you get.

By the way, Andy, your rack is awesome. So clean looking.


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Can't wait anymore. I will be seeing these up close in less than two weeks. I feel like a kid waiting for Xmas.

The rack looks funny, but might be cooler in person. Under lights. With a show. I'll report back and hopefully with pics. Thanks for getting my anticipation all cracked out again.


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Some of those racks are functional but many are also works of art or the imagination or personalized. Nice to have when someone else is setting them up for you.


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Okay the rack was interesting. I honestly have no idea how it stands up. I was 10 feet from center stage, and the riser was rolled out in two pieces sideways. I couldn't find any crossbars at all keeping it upright.

Being angled, the tom mounts and cymbal stands were really long. While it looked really cool, it seemed like a bit of a nightmare. The drum tech had to reposition some stuff after the two riser halfs were joined together. It did appear to be fairly stable though. No issues with it at all during the show, and Gene wasn't exactly taking it easy up there.

I took pics, but they are awful so I won't post them. Kinda hard to keep a camera still while holding it over your head and getting pushed and pulled from all directions!

Les Ismore

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A person with tattoos all over their body could be considered 'messy' looking, or cool.

The ATTACK RACK looks like re purposed patio furniture IMO, but then, I don't have any tat's.