Are Low End Drums a Waste of Time?

Jasta 11

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my first kit was a Maxitone. Did it sound great, most likely not, but to me it was a dream come true. It inspired me to practice and join a band. It had a Speed King pedal and Zildjians all around, my parents bought it used for me. It out lasted 2 sets of New Beat hats and countless Paiste 404 crashes too. I never judge anyone for the model drums they own, just how they play.


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Still have my Speed King.. and Camco.. My first real set was a Pearl Wood Fibreglass , I never really liked it that much. traded in a 12 string Dobro for a Gretsch USA and I've never gone back down the scale. I don't judge people on the drums they play but I don't believe lower end kits are where it's at..